Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Anyone who follows my posts on Facebook will be aware that we finally moved our cheekens into their coop yesterday. It's interesting, I was really looking forward to getting them out of the living room, but now it's eerily quiet in there. I only checked on them twice after dark - great restraint if you ask me. And I only sat on a chair in the coop with them for about 30 minutes just after the move. Of course, now I have an empty brooder box and can't wait to refill it ;). These first cheekens are all layers; well actually they are dual breeds but we'll use them for laying. We began with 6, but lost one to what appeared to be Coccidiasis. We treated the rest and everyone is happy and healthy thus far. Now we have 2 Barred Rock hens, 2 Rhode Island Red hens, and a Rhode Island Red rooster (his name is Ralph the Rhode Island Red Rooster) - I've always been partial to roosters and their crow, so he was really for me and I'm hoping he'll help create come chicks if one of the hens is broody. We live rurally on 2 acres, so there aren't any rules against roosters and if it bothers the neighbors then I'll bribe them with fresh eggs. Cheekens are addictive. I can't wait to get more.

This week is also soccer camp week, so the girl and the boy have soccer every morning at 9 AM. I do not get home from work most nights until between 4 Am and 5:30 AM, so all in all it should be an interesting week.

I haven't been doing much work in the garden, the slugs have claimed the cucumber plants and I think they are winning. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel a couple of years ago and the symptoms have gotten serious enough that my usual activities are greatly hampered - that includes gardening; holding tools is becoming difficult, as is typing. Hopeful this will all be dealt with soon, so I can get on with drawing, painting, knitting, spinning, needlework and maybe hopefully some more planting. I will be tying up the next phase of growth in the tomato plants today or tomorrow, they are thriving in spite of all the rain. My deck boxes aren't really doing very well, I'm thinking of pulling most everything out and starting again. - we'll see how my hands are this weekend.

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  1. I have to completely agree with you. Chickens *are* addictive. We started with three laying hens (as pets, really), added a few more hens the next year, and three years later, we have five laying hens, two pullets, and a couple dozen Cornish X chickens that are being raised for meat. We also have four ducks, and a lot of rabbits ;).

    In fact, the whole lifestyle is incredibly addictive. My annual vegetable garden grows by 16 sq feet per year, and I add a new perennial edible every year, too. We have raspberry brambles, service berries and blueberries. I've started an edible "forest garden" in the front yard with an apple tree, two hazelnut bushes, some chives and garlic, and a St. John's Wort my mother-in-law gave to me. My herb bed is taking over the area next to our driveway. I'm always planning the *next* thing, the next bed, the next perennial plant, the next .... I may never be wholly self-sufficient, but someday I will live in a forest of edible and medicinal plants, and we won't have to look much further than our front yard for a snack or something yummy to supplement any meal. Come to think of it, though, we're pretty close to that goal already :).

    And all on just a quarter acre. You are totally going to have a blast with your two acres! Go slow, though. As you said, time is on your side, and just a little bit each year really makes a big difference ;).