Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well it's hot here in Poland, Maine, too hot to cook anything. I was looking through the fridge at the farmer's market offerings from our trip there earlier this week and decided I may have to go to the farm stand in Gray to add to what was there. Suddenly I was inspired to go out and check the garden - the tomatoes needed some further staking and while I was out there I notice the bounty of our garden has begun. I actually managed to harvest a bunch of beans from my bush bean plants (I've decided to plant a whole bed of them next year) and some spent lettuce mix. I tied up the tomatoes - lots of lovely green tomatoes on the vines - and then checked out the herb garden. Lots of stuff to add from there. So.... tonight's dinner will be a big fat salad, spinach (from the farm stand), onions (also from the farm stand), cukes (from the farm stand), beans (from our garden - WOO HOO) and lots of tasty herbs (also from our garden) to round out flavor. I'll make a light balsamic maple vinaigrette and the kids will have store bought ranch dressing (gotta use it up - once it's gone only home made baby!) Our salad was grown locally.

I have to admit there is quite a sense of accomplishment in this little salad - we are obviously a long way from being self sufficient, but at least we can contribute to our own food sources. I'm really looking forward to the day when dinner is a herb, cheese, omelet, and fresh vegis from our own land. That will be a happy day and today it seems possible.

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  1. Isn't is amazing, and exhileratig, to realize what one can accomplish? I always thought what we're doing now was possible, and it's really very cool to realize that it's not just possible, but that it's happening!

    We're even raising some of our own meat, which is very cool. I'd love to produce my own (goat's) milk, too, but right now, I couldn't beat the $3 per gallon price I'm paying for fresh, raw milk. I just need to start getting more of it so that I can start making my own yogurt and cheese again :).