Tuesday, July 7, 2009

is it a homestead

Well, we are just starting out and I'm not sure if we can really call where we live a homestead at least yet. But it's a goal.

About me: wonderful husband, 2 kiddos - the boy, who's 11 and the girl, who is 6. They're both homeschooled - which is a wonderful choice for us. We started out unschooling and then started using an online curriculum/school, but I'm really considering going back to unschooling. When we began the homeschooling journey I was a stay at home mom, then I started to work third shift, so thought a curriculum would make it easier, now I'm not so sure. We'll take the summer to make a decision if we want to continue with the curriculum or not.

We live in a small ranch style home in the lakes region of Maine on a little over 2 acres that we closed on January 30, 2009. Our first house purchase! We lived for over 6 years in a tiny apartment in a city, so were very excited to get to the country and start on our homesteading dreams.

So far we have started a fence for the front yard (our gardening space), planted the lilac hedge I've always wanted, planted 3 blueberry bushes, a small strawberry patch, a birdbath flower patch, a small vegi garden, a herb knot garden (the boy's science project for the year), flower boxes on our deck, and built most of the chicken coop.

We currently have 5 chickens living in a large brooder box in the living room because the rain has held up our coop build. Made great progress this weekend and hopefully Ralph and the girls will be in their coop by Sunday. I love my cheekens! This could be an easy obsession for me. I can't wait to get more! One of my favorite sites is backyardchicken.com - I go there almost every day.

We have lots of goals, but need to remember that time is on our side - we won't get it all done in 1 summer and we shouldn't try. It is all about the journey! I don't know about being self-sufficient, but I do want to grow and eat my own food and live closer to the land. I want my kids to play outside and build fairy houses and forts and explore and learn to respect and care for nature and our animals - I want them to understand how the earth provides for us. I think they are learning and maybe even enjoying it at least a little.

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