Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hopeful for healing to begin

Well, my surgeries are scheduled. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I may even be able to knit again by my birthday. I am very much looking forward to some pain free time. Trying to remain positive and look forward.

Next summer should be very different. I'm planning on starting a lot of my seeds myself. My wonderful husband has agreed to help me set up space in the basement to start all our seedlings and my father in law has send some florescent lighting instruments and tubes to contribute (he send them as shop lights, but I'm taking them for seedling starting).

Updates will be few as I enter this newest stage in my life. Recovery shouldn't be too long and hopefully I'll be able to post more often afterwards.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

challenges and accomplishments

Well the last few weeks have been about challenges. I have been diagnosed with pretty serious carpal tunnel and have an appointment with a surgeon in a few days - I have been in a lot of pain and losing quite a bit of strength in my hands. I've been saving my "hand time" for work and prepping for the homeschool year for the boy. What is absolutely wonderful is the way the kids have responded - they just can't wait to help "Mommie, I'll do all your hand work today!" Yesterday was shopping day - they helped carry the groceries from the supermarket, the bags of vegis from the farmers market (have I mentioned how much I love our farmers' market?), and the meat from the farm stand. Then they helped put it all away - no complaints. They are also very understanding about "cheecken checks". My lovely cheeckens are free ranging when we are home now, so every once and a while when I go out to check on them and they've disappeared into the underbrush or around the other side of the house - the kids do a cheecken check.

This hand situation has made a lot of my plans go up in smoke. I'd expected to do some canning and preserving this year, but I couldn't even cut up the cukes I bought last week to make pickles. Darling hubby to the rescue. He's not a big fan of canning, but he is a big fan of pickles, so he made our pickles for us. I was so excited. He's really on board with sustainability and preserving surplus for the winter, but it was always expected that those things would be my "job". It's nice to know that our family can really rally together when things get tough.

It looks as though we will not have any tomatoes, we've managed to harvest a few sun golds, but our romas all have blight. Bummer, but considering I've just not had the hand strength to really take care of the garden, I suppose it's to be expected. Our herb garden is all that is thriving out there. I think the lessons here are to water more, but not too much and really watch things much more closely.

Another challenge faced at the moment is that the girl has to go in for some testing later in the week. She'll have to be sedated, so there is a bit of anxiety involved. I'm sure all will be well, but the anticipation is killer. Not sure if the hubby will be able to come along, so facing this one along will be tough - a good friend has offered to come with, so at least I'll have a support system.

Loss of income has been difficult. I've had to cut back on work to help my hands out, so paychecks are a bit smaller and hubby is feeling more pressure and afraid to take time off for the medical stuff. Not sure how we'll manage if I need surgery, but I'm sure we will.

Challenges are about growth and we are definitely growing as individuals and as family and I'm really proud of us. Challenge is also about lessons and I've learned a few important ones. Slow down! I do not have to accomplish a complete life change in a few short months. Take time to appreciate what I have - I have an incredible pair of kids and they inspire me to want more ;) Living with less is what I want, so why am I so concerned about income - the money will be enough - we will make it enough. The most important lesson and one I'm constantly having to relearn is The Universe Will Always Provide. The Divine in all it's names and faces is looking out for us, so I really have nothing to worry about.

Of course even with challenges, some accomplishments continued and with things unfolding as they are, the smallest accomplishments are reason for celebration on our humble homestead. As I noted earlier, pickles were accomplished and boy are they yummy. We are still doing most of our food purchasing with local farmers as well - I feel really good about this one. I've also managed to plan out the boys homeschooling schedule through November, I'm also close to finishing the lesson plan for his first book of the year - Eragon.

Now I don't tell you all this for sympathy but just by way of sharing and explanation regarding sporadic posting. Posting will continue to be sporadic, but I will try to get on every couple of weeks. This post took a couple of days, so I could rest hands. I truly love posting to my blog, so once healing is underway it should be a bit more consistent.