Friday, October 9, 2009


Yes this is my favorite time of year and once again I'm trying very hard to enjoy it in spite of the lack of ability due to the healing of my hands - at least they are healing right? Both surgeries are done and I go back to work next week. I wish I could say I'm looking forward to it, and in some ways I am, but to be honest I'm a little afraid of how much pain there may be in the beginning as I continue to heal. At least I'll have a "real" paycheck again.

Not much is happening here on the homestead. The cheeckens are free ranging most of the time and of course that means lots of poop in the yard - our lawn will be lovely next summer. They have also taken to hanging out on my deck, we have 2 acres and they prefer the deck - I've given them a number of stern talking to's, but they really like it there. We scrape and hose off poop a lot. The only time they don't go out is in the pouring rain - more because no one wants to go out in it to let them out. The boy tends to go chase them in to the coop when it starts raining - I keep explaining that a little rain won't hurt them, but he really is quite protective.

We did have a bit of a scare about a week ago in regards to the cheeckens. My lovely hubby and I were snuggled up on the couch watching tv when we heard this horrible screeching outside - it sounded like a very large bird or a 100 lb screaming baby. Brave hubby went out to check it out with a couple of little novelty flashlights (note we need batteries) and saw a dark shape in the woods off to the side of our front yard that seemed to made up of two parts and struggling together. He didn't get very close - they sounded dangerous and his "flashlights" weren't very bright. We did some research and found a recording of a Fisher and that's what it seems to be. Check out this link - I have to admit ours was much louder as it was really right next to the house. We found some other links that were even more similar, so were pretty sure that's what is was. Fishers (or fisher cats) are a significant predator in our area, so I also had hubby double check the coop - cheeckens were happily snuggling on their roost with no signs of break in attempts. The next morning we checked out the area and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

I really wanted to get some garlic in this fall, but I've had a hard time tracking some down unless I want to mail order and to be honest the list of Autumn chores is long enough that I don't feel comfortable asking the hubby to do anymore than he already is.

We did plant some spring bulbs - 105; 80 crocus, 20 snowdrops, and 25 dutch iris. I have always planned on having most if not all our plantings be about food or medicine, but pretty Spring flowers coming up amidst the last bits of snow, fills me with hope and joy and feeds my spirit if not my body. Since I'll be able to paint again next Spring they will also be a great inspiration for my artistic side - I'm really happy. And garlic can happen next year!

Well, Fall chores are underway. The herb garden has been put to bed with lots of straw mulch and leaf mold from the woods. (we have lots of yummy smelling herbs drying from our hall ceiling - it seems to be the perfect place for drying herbs - we also dried some in the oven and froze some) We are attempting to overwinter as much as possible - my hubby is all about plants that come back over and over - he doesn't like spending money on a plant that dies and doesn't come back. He has also done a lot of the work for me, so he's not real thrilled at the thought of having to plant again next Spring. The strawberry patch is also bedded done with straw mulch - I think the cheeckens have destroyed a least one plant - oh, well. The vegi garden is well on it's way - I'm leaving the celery in as long as possible because it hasn't really grown enough to harvest and it's the one vegi the boy is most excited about.

Next is the prep for the sacred space. We're holding our first large ritual at our home for Samhain, so we're a bit under the gun. Unfortunately, it's been difficult with soccer being on one of the hubby's days off (both games take up the whole afternoon) and I've had a difficult time because the hands make many outings challenging by myself. We've also had rain on almost every day off he's had for the last month and a half or so. We're starting to feel a little concerned. It'll all work out, even if we can't use the sacred space for the ritual - we have a big yard and a nice steel fire pit.

I think that's all that's happening here. More later as things happen and change and progress, as they always do.

I feel blessed. Do you?

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  1. Hope, if you change your mind about the garlic this year, you can just put in garlic (regular or elephant) from the grocery store. Just separate and plant each clove.