Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well I haven't posted in a while - I'm still struggling with pain in my hands. I've started physical therapy, so hopefully soon all will be well with my hands. Knitting by the New Year? Perhaps!

Not much has been going on here at the homestead. I've been struggling with the lack of fresh local produce. I know it's off season and that this is Maine and that I wasn't able to preserve as much as I'd like because of the whole carpal tunnel thing, but I just need to keep reminding myself that it's a process of growth and change and that developing a desire is really the first step. (Whew that was a helluva long run on sentence ;}) We still buy all of our meat at our local farmers market that sells their own and local natural range fed beef, lamb, pork and chicken. Hoping to splurge on some lamb this winter.

I did find a CSA that has a winter produce operation at a sample share for winter: 2lbs of apples, 1 pkg of dried basil, 2 lbs. of beets, 1 pint blueberries, 4 lbs of cabbage, 5 lbs. of carrots, 2 lbs of celery root, 1/2 dozen eggs, 1 lb oats, 3 lbs onion, 3 lbs of rutabaga, 5 lbs of winter squash. We looked into getting a share but just feel uncomfortable with the amount of money for the deposit right now. We also have a hard time getting into the mind set that the amount of money per month is equal or less than what we already spend at the store - we're just giving it to someone else - maybe it's the unknown part of not really knowing what we're getting - when I go to the farmers market in the summer I pick out just what I get. Of course part of it is also the time of year we are in - there is extra money going out for gifts - I'm making as much as I can, but limitations are what they are. I don't know, I think I'm rambling.

I'm making little/ no progress on my goals for this time of year spiritually. I finally have admitted to myself that there is a bit of depression going on with me - I've been loathe to admit it because I feel a little guilty feeling depressed after finally realizing the dream of our new house. Well, it is what it is. Depression is something I've struggled with for 30 years off and on - at least I can tell this isn't a major episode, just a bit underlying. Of course there are also contributing factors (not to beat a dead horse, but the whole hands thing, sigh). Now that I've admitted it - I can work through it. Sigh.

On the cheecken front - EGGS!!! We are getting an average of 1 per day with no artificial light - I'm pretty psyched! Of course only 1 or 2 of the girls are using the nest boxes, the others like the corners of the coop. We have snow here - first snowfall was a few inches and now we have almost a foot - the cheeckens hate it. We open the door of the coop everyday, but they just won't come out. Silly cheeckens - my parent's Australorps (sp?) always came out in the snow - I have to admit I'm a little disgusted with my wimpy cheeckens. Our poultry fencing (actually it's deer netting) seems to be working, we do need to add a bit more though; of course if they stay in the coop all winter it can wait til spring.

The sun is coming - Winter Solstice in 10 days! Welcome sun!

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