Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ongoing healing

Well, surgery number 1 is done and I'm beginning to use my right hand more and more each day. Which is good, because surgery number 2 is this Friday. Typing is still a bit painful - I definitely pay for it in the later hours. The amount of post surgery pain was actually more than I expected - I truly believe many surgeons down play the amount of pain after the surgery is over. It's nice to finally be able to do a bit with my hand - the pain is evident, but it's completely different than the carpal tunnel pain. I was originally planning on going back to work between my surgeries, but I was afraid that I would have more pain and a longer recovery. Hubby and I talked about it and I decided just to concentrate on healing. The big surprise is that I qualify for disability pay, so the financial crunch is not nearly as bad as we expected - it's not all I would usually make, but every little bit helps.

We also went on our annual camping trip to memorialize our little Arlo Edward - I can't believe it's already been 3 years since we lost him (though I do admit I often feel his little spirit hovering about). While on the trip it occurred to me that I really should have scheduled the surgery for after our trip - we schedule that trip on Arlo's birth/death day, so that couldn't be changed. I really just did not have as much fun as I usually do - because my hands were a hinderance.

Cheeckens are well, they've taken to trying to hang out on the deck - no one appreciates bird poo on the deck, so I'm encouraging them to find other places to hang. They've also started eating my mums, so off they go - 2 acres other than the deck, should be enough room - you'd think ;)

Homeschooling for the boy is in full force - he's doing pretty well. Soccer season has also started and this may be our last year - this town seems a bit more competitive than we are comfortable with. I just want my kids to have fun and get some exercise, not be berated by other kids because they aren't "good enough". Other activities may be in our future.

Well, this was meant to just be an update, so I should really stop typing now and rest the hand - hope to be knitting again by my birthday.