Tuesday, January 26, 2010

beautiful day in Poland, Maine

Yesterday was all about rain and I have to admit I usually love rainy days (my beloved calls me his duck), but rain in the winter is just depressing. When the snow started flying this winter I got very excited because not only is the snow pretty, it acts as a wonderful insulator for my little perennial plants that are overwintering - I visualize the snow as a warm comfy blanket for my plants - does this make me an "at heart gardener"? Now, so much has melted that I worry for my plants; it's only January - admittedly it is a balmy day, seems like it could be as warm as 50 out there and I have a bunch of windows open to air out - I know we are going to have another cold snap and without that comfy snow blanky, what will happen to my plants?! I'll get over it and replant plants I lose, but it still makes me worry.

Cheeckens are doing fine. Ralph, the Rhode Island Red Rooster, has a pretty serious case of frost bite - we put a heat lamp in the coop and it seemed to help for a bit, but then some very cold nights have done some damage. We built our coop to accommodate a least a dozen cheeckens, so I think the 5 we have, haven't been able to heat that space efficiently with their body heat alone - there needs to be more cheeckens! ;} Ralph doesn't seem to be in any pain - he'll let me touch the area with outcomplaint, so other than a herbal ointment I'm going to let it go for now. If it gets much worse we may have remove it - poor Ralph. The girls on the other hand are giving us an egg a day - that's 4 a day!

I found a gold mine at the supermarket yesterday - a 20 lb bag of local potatoes! I am a happy camper! Potato leek soup for dinner last night and lunch today - local food makes me so happy.

My herbal studies continue - so much to learn! I'm planning on making my first tincture later today, Elderberry that I can store to make into batches of syrup as needed to help fight flu. I'm also planning a Angelica tincture, some research I've read calls Angelica an all around good woman's herb and I have had a lot of "woman health challenges" over the years and I've decided to spend the next year working with this herb.

The kids have been outside almost every day this month - the rain yesterday kept them in though. I find it's actually easier to get them outside to play in the winter - they love the snow. Sledding, throwing snowballs, just making their way across the yard is very enjoyable for them - I love it. Today they built their first snowman! I've encouraged them to build one in the past, but they've showed little to no interest. We now have a lovely little snowman in our sacred space - the boy keeps threatening to "kill" it with one of his sword/sticks. I told him to do that he had to build his own.

Winter plugs away, beauty is all around us, and the New Year continues to bring the promise of countless blessings.

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  1. I guess great minds think alike :). I was thinking the same thing about my plants losing their blanket now that the snow has melted off.