Monday, March 29, 2010

it's raining again

Well, not too much is happening here in the homestead. Rain kinda stops things in their tracks when trying to get things done outside, though we did manage to get deer fencing up along most of the right hand property line to keep cheeckens out of the neighbor's yard.

We do have some growing green seedlings in the bathroom and after a week Nuggets 1-10 have almost doubled in size. They are stinky in my living room too. The pullets are growing, though not as noticeably as the "Nuggets". Life continues unabated.

Beloved is a little worried about the late spring/early summer because I keep expanding the garden plans. He looks at me with worry every time I buy more seeds ;} mostly because he does most of the prep work and it means lots of prep work - we're (by we I mean me;}) planning 3 new raised beds and 2 other regular beds as well as fencing to keep our friendly neighborhood ground hog out. I'm thinking of taking the last weekend of May off from work to get everything all set - or as all set as a garden gets. Of course it helps that the Girl's birthday is that weekend as well.

Knitting continues and still fills me with unbelievable joy. I bought another skein of sock yarn for a pair of socks for me because Beloved's first pair are almost done. I will probably knit a pair for the Girl before starting mine though. I'm just that kind of mom.

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