Tuesday, March 30, 2010

knitting and cheeckies

I have to admit that working third shift has its challenges - lack of sleep for instance. However, there are some "perks". The night shift at this time of year tends to be quite slow - no, I take that back - veeerrrrrryyyyy sllllooooowwwwww. Last night I finished Beloved's new socks; he's actually wearing them at work today. Here they are:
I think they came out well, especially considering I haven't done any knitting in over 2 years. I rarely even had to look at my pattern - Beloved asked while I was working on them whether I felt like there was a "relearning curve" and I had to admit it was like riding a bike only easier. When I didn't ride a bike for a long time and then started again, I had to refigure out the whole balance thing - it only took a little while, but with knitting, honestly it was like I never even stopped - I really didn't even need my toe grafting cheat sheet. Now on to socks for the Girl and myself. I still have to find the right yarn for the Boy - then I'll make him some ;}

One of my co-workers used to raise chickens for meat and he just loves to tease me about my cheecken journey. He laughed at me when I talked about how stinky these cheecks are this time around and how fast they are growing. As much as he teases, he also has given me some good advice about the cheeckens. Last night's was that I should move them out of the house as soon as possible (he never had his in the house, but I think he has a garage he could keep them in). I have to admit I'm seriously considering moving them to the basement. The Girl is quite upset with me about even considering it - she just doesn't understand that the heat lamp with keep them warm where ever they are.

I was sharing with all of you just the other day how much the Nuggets have grown and decided I would share a couple of photos showing the differences in size between the layers and the meat birds. Remember, these cheeckies were born on the same day:

In other news, I have given up on my broccoli seedlings - they are far too leggy and have starting falling over - we should definitely have put the grow light up sooner. I'll just pull them out of the pot and start over - Love SEEDS!

All in all, in spite of the stink, life is good. :}


  1. That smell is a sure sign of Spring in our house. Of course, I like to move them out quickly ... they are less stinky in the freezer.