Sunday, March 21, 2010

the next day

Well our Ostara was truly blessed by beautiful, warm weather and we got much accomplished. Our raised bed is planted with lettuce, kale, spinach and beet greens. We decided today that we should go ahead and hoop this bed - we have freezing overnight temperatures forecast for later in the week and besides the hoop tunnel is cool!
We also dug up and tilled the newest bed to add to the garden - peas! Yum. The kids and Duane finally gave fresh peas a chance last year from the farmer's market and they all decided they love them, so we're growing our own. It felt wonderful digging in the dirt and luckily we still had some compost left from last year, so the soil is now nice and yummy and rich. As soon as we finished I realized that the bed is now prime cheecken scratching space, so we put them in the coop and fenced the bed in this morning - sorry guys - those peas are for us! Eventually the plan is to fence the whole front yard in, but until then the temporary fence will do the job quite nicely.

Beloved and the boy also raked the entire front yard, so the whole area looks much nicer now. The girl was just an all around good helper - she had so much fun helping me plant and was really good at spreading the compost in the beds.

We also notice buds on all our lilac bushes and blueberry bushes - yay they made it through the winter!
It feels really good to have started the garden - life continues anew. Blessed Ostara!

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