Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day today by letting Father Sun dry my laundry as he warms Mother Earth. That and some knitting ;}

The kids are celebrating by riding their bikes for the first time this spring.

Love the earth, love the spring, loving life.


  1. Happy Earth day!

    I (mostly) cleaned up my front (overgrown with bee balm, but it could be worse, right?) herb bed, and in a minute, I'll be putting on a pair of jeans and moving more firewood to clean up the backyard in preparation for the "poultry yard."

    I had the clothes outside on the line this morning, until we had a quickie thunderstorm (and then, I took a nap ;).

  2. Nap sounds good - I'm working tonight though, so my nap will happen after the girl goes to bed.