Monday, April 19, 2010

spring moves on

Well, it's been interesting here at the hopeful, humble homestead. We just had snow a couple of days ago - quite a bit, an inch or so. I can tell you driving home in the snow squalls at 2am was not fun (oh the challenges of third shift life ;)

The biggest news is that the nuggets are out of the house!!! YAY!! WOO HOO!! The smell in my living room is already so much better. The best part was how the family pulled together and worked to get the coop addition built, so we could get them out of the house. It was a wonderful afternoon of family cooperation and then the pleasure of moving the "franken cheeckies" outside to their new digs.... What a relief. I love crossing goals off the list. That was a big one for the spring.

The peas are coming up and looking great. My chard is very small, but still growing as is the lettuce. There are a couple of spinach plants peeking out of their bed, but no sign of beet greens yet. I love having the hoop tunnel in place, so if the temps are going down significantly we can cover them up. The temps this spring have really confused my garden. Heck - they've confused me. We haven't removed the straw mulch we wintered the herb bed with yet and the chives have already grown up through. It's neat to see the green peeking up through the straw - makes me smile and reminds me that nature wins - always nature prevails.

However, the tomato seedlings are not happy - they were growing happily for a while and now the leaves are curling and blotchy - thinking maybe over watering? Not sure - still trying to remind myself they are just seeds and we can always buy seedlings from the garden center to plant if we need to. Meanwhile, the other seedlings seem to be doing well.

I've also made a new commitment to hanging laundry out on the line when ever I can - I'm hoping I won't be using the dryer at all by winter. Beloved put up a second line for me because I realized the reason I didn't use the line last year is because it just wasn't big enough for an entire washing machine load - now I have enough for a load and a half or so - 2 loads if they are small. I've only used my dryer once in the last 3 weeks! Exciting! Laundry on the line makes me happy ;}


  1. wow, their new home looks great!! what a great family effort. sounds like your garden is coming along nicely also

  2. Laundry on the line makes me happy, too ;).

    The new chicken house addition looks awesome! We're working on cleaning up the back of our yard to turn into a duck/chicken yard. Hopefully, it will all be done this summer. It's all a process, right? ;).