Friday, April 30, 2010


Okay so yesterday was a day about surprises. The weather was the start of it all. Woke to a chilly but beautiful, windy, sunny day - no surprises there, pretty much what forecast. Cloud cover quickly rushed in around 1 pm or so and the next thing I know, IT'S SNOWING! Wind is picking up - we hurriedly get the cheecks back inside (first intro to the great outdoors for our new laying hens) and hunker down. Snow mixes with rain and the sun comes out - not particularly surprising, I've seen the sun shine while it's raining many times before. Temp is quite low. The snow and rain stop - very short lived little squall - and the wind continues. Now wind is not surprising on our property, we live at the base of a "mountain" so we see lots of wind here. What was surprising is the huge CRACK that made the kids and I jump out of our seats. I went into my bedroom and looked out the window to find a dead tree had fallen on the power lines going into the house - SURPRISE! What is even more surprising is that the power did not go out and the lines did not disconnect from the house or the telephone pole. Thank goodness we had put the cheeckens in. Power company came and removed the tree at midnight - all is right with the world and we never even lost power!


  1. That was a crazy storm, wasn't it? We had hail ... and snow and rain ;). Bizarre.

    Glad your "surprises" weren't horribly unpleasant ones ;).

  2. wow! we never had snow but we did have the awful winds.. and while no trees went down in our yard we did lose power here at the house for just a minute and the boy said he had no power at school for a good part of the afternoon..
    im glad you guys kept your power and no humans or cheekens were hurt!