Tuesday, May 11, 2010

growing homestead

Our little homestead is growing. The next batch of cheecks has arrived - 18 more. That brings the total of cheeckens to 37 - yes we currently have 37 cheeckens. Beloved didn't believe me when I first did the count - I mean how can we possible have that many cheeckens?! There are 9 nuggets that go for slaughter next Monday, 15 new cheecks (5 days old) for meat, 3 more (also 5 days old) for laying + the 5 from the established flock with the 5 hens that were added with the nuggets - they are about 7 weeks old. Whew. So thats 9+15+3+5+5=37 - I'm not sure exactly how that happened ;}

Here are the newest batch of cheeckies:

We've also added a new puppy to the hopeful, humble homestead. Her name is Sheela Na Gig and she's about 8 weeks old. A true Mutt - a little border collie, some bull mastiff and a bunch of other breeds in her mom and her dad's some sort of hound. She is very cute and the first "big dog" we've had. Our other older dog is being very patient with her. The kids are being very responsible and doing most of the walkies and clean up. She is fitting in very well.

Of course the only way to get her picture is when she is sleeping - when she's awake all pictures are a blur. ;}

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  1. Congrats on the puppy!

    I hear you on the chickens. Next Friday we'll have thirty-one chickens - five laying hens, three pullets (about two months old), ten meat birds heading outside to finish growing (about five weeks old), and twelve baby chicks. Add to that our two dogs, the guinea pig (visitor), the four ducks and nine rabbits, and we have quite a menagerie ;).