Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Why do I fight it - that inevitable chore weeding.

Now, many of you will say - "duh, 'cuz it's no fun!" and I'm sure many if not most gardeners would agree.

But.... I love weeding and I forget that until I'm elbow deep in the mud, with streaks of dirt across my forehead, dirt so deep under my nails that the ends of my fingers feel the pressure, and knees sore from kneeling. I love it!

This is one of those chores that I should look forward to since when I'm in the thick of it I really enjoy it, but somehow I forget. This is a job that can be such a pleasure. Close to nature, reveling in the dark black dirt, feeling the tides of the seasons, sweat dripping down my brow.

Now, I don't like sweat. I think I may be one of those people who is allergic to their own sweat - or my diet isn't healthy enough yet, so the toxins leaving my body through my sweat glands make me itch. I really hate to sweat, but somehow in the garden it's okay. I'm focused enough that the sweat is just a slight distraction.

Weeding keeps the hands and body busy, but leaves the mind free to wander a bit. Dreams of the harvest and the beauty of the bed when all those yummies for the body and soul fill in keep it interesting. I'm reminded every time I do this particular chore why I want to be a farmer - working in harmony with nature, feeling the tides of the seasons, feeding the bodies and souls of others. All valid reasons to want to farm. I've actually begun doing research to figure out what kind of farm I want to have - of course, Beloved, ever practical, keeps bringing up all the challenges and hurtles. Yet, while I'm weeding all I have to do is dream and nurture these wonderful plants that have agreed to share their lives with me at least for this growing season. The bonus: weeds make great compost!

This is what I sing to my garden as I work: